light-check Amendments to many conditions for production of, trade in chemicals

Decree No. 82/2022/ND-CP dated October 18th, 2022 of the Government on amendments to some Articles of Government’s Decree No.113/2017/ND-CP dated October 09, 2017 specifying and providing guidelines for implementation of certain Articles of the Law on Chemicals
Posted: 19/10/2022 8:19:26 AM | Latest updated: 28/10/2022 9:37:44 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5562 | Vietlaw: 583

This Decree amends many important regulations pertaining to conditions for production of, trade in, import and export of, chemicals as prescribed at Decree No. 113/2017/ND-CPstatus2 (amended at Decree No. 17/2020/ND-CP ), including:

- Amendments to the List of products that are not chemicals covered by Decree No. 113/2017/ND-CPstatus2 ;

- Addition of cases exempt from certificate of eligibility for production of or trade in conditional industrial chemicals;

- Addition of cases exempt from license for restricted industrial chemical production or trade;

- Addition of regulations on chemicals subject to special control upon the import;

- Addition of cases exempt from declaration of chemicals;

- Addition of some conditional industrial chemicals for production or trade;

- Addition of chemicals subject to declaration;

- Replacement of List of restricted industrial chemicals;

- Addition of regulations pertaining to conditions for use and responsibilities of establishments that use industrial precursor chemicals to produce other products and goods;

- Amendments to regulations on classification of chemicals and procedures for declaration of imported chemicals;

- Amendments to the List of hazardous chemicals subject to development of the plan for prevention and response to chemical emergencies.

This Decree takes effect from December 22nd, 2022.

This Decree comes into force from December 22, 2022. Clause 14, Article 1 of this Decree that amends Article 27 of Decree No. 113/2017/ND-CPstatus2 comes into force after one year from the effective date of this Decree.

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Effective Date 22-Dec-2022
ExpiredDate Unknown
Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 583

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light-check Amendments to some regulations on chemical-related activities
light-check Amendments to many conditions for production of, trade in chemicals
blue-check Reduction in components of applications for licensing pesticide import and business
blue-check New List of banned and permitted narcotics
blue-check It is required to declare CAS code upon declaration of list of imported chemicals
blue-check Vietnam’s chemical industry development strategy by 2030
blue-check List of permissible plant protection chemicals in Vietnam from February 11th, 2022
blue-check Regarding import of machinery containing HCFC
blue-check Conditions for import of chemicals depend on HS codes
blue-check National technical regulation on safety in hazardous chemicals
red-check Promugation of QCVN 05:2020/BCT.on safety in hazardous chemicals
blue-check New List of industrial explosives permissible for manufacturing and trading
blue-check New regulations on packaging and transport of dangerous goods
blue-check Some products containing chemicals shall be exempt from complying with Decree No. 113/2017/ND-CP
blue-check Regarding HS code imposed on chemical preparations used as turbidity agents for food
blue-check It is not required to apply for the license to import refrigerants with regard to equipment, machinery containing HCFCs
blue-check Regarding import of “residual lyes” into Vietnam
blue-check There will be a roadmap to ban the use of microplastics
blue-check Regarding import of pesticides
blue-check Regarding procedures for import of HCFCs