blue-check Amendments to some regulations on business operations in civil aviation sector

Decree No. 64/2022/ND-CP dated September 15th, 2022 of the Government on amendments to some Articles of Decrees on business operations in civil aviation sector
Posted: 16/9/2022 7:26:47 AM | Latest updated: 25/11/2022 1:45:44 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5539 | Vietlaw: 582

This Decree amends, supplements to 03 Decrees pertaining to business operations in civil aviation sector, including:

1. Decree No. 68/2015/ND-CPstatus2 on registration of nationality of and rights in aircraft

2. Decree No. 92/2016/ND-CPstatus2 on conditional business lines in the civil aviation industry

3. Decree No. 05/2021/ND-CPstatus2 on management and operation of airports and aerodromes

This Decree takes effect from September 15th, 2022 and abrogates Decree No. 07/2019/ND-CPstatus1 dated January 23rd, 2019.


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Effective date 15-Sep-2022
Expired date Unknown
Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 582

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