blue-check Commercial housing projects must reserve 20% of land area for social housing

Official letter No. 4265/BXD-QLN dated September 1st, 2020 of the Ministry of Construction regarding how to calculate the proportion of land used for development of social houses in detailed planning schemes
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According to Clause 1 Article 5 of Decree No. 100/2015/ND-CP, investors in commercial housing development projects in class 3 urban areas or above must reserve at least 20% of the total area of land in the detailed planning scheme for construction social houses.

The concept of “commercial housing development project” at the aforesaid regulation is construed as follows:

- “Commercial housing” means any house which is built for sale, lease, or lease purchase according to market mechanism;

- “Housing development” means the investment in building new housing, rebuilding housing or expanding area of housing.

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