blue-check Conditions for foreign workers to return to work in Vietnam

Official letter No. 2847/CV-BCD dated May 23rd, 2020 of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention regarding support for foreign investors, experts, skilled workers, business managers to enter Vietnam for working
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At Notification No. 182/TB-VPCP the Government agreed in principles to allow foreign experts to return to Vietnam for working.

However, each enterprise needs to register the list of experts with the provincial people committee in order for this agency to approve and transfer it to the Immigration Department - the Ministry of Public Security.

If the foreign experts are eligible for entry, they may select concentrated quarantine or quarantine at hotels with charges. Such hotels must be registered and must meet the regulations on quarantine according to the regulations at Decision No. 1246/QD-BYT dated March 20th, 2020 of the Ministry of Health.

During the quarantine period, the experts shall be taken samples for testing twice, from their entry. After 14-day quarantine period, they shall be further subject to 14-day medical supervision.

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