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Circular No. 27/2019/TT-BKHCN dated December 26th, 2019 of the Ministry of Science and Technology on guidelines for Decree No. 132/2008/ND-CPstatus2 dated December 31, 2008 and Decree No. 74/2018/ND-CPstatus2 dated May 15, 2018 of the Government for the National Quality Award
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This Circular provides for:

1. Criteria and grading scales to consider the National Quality Award;

2. The system of operation of the National Quality Award;

3. Consideration of granting National Quality Award;

4. Nomination to participate in the Asia-Pacific International Quality Awards.

This Circular comes into force as of August 1st, 2020.

To replace Circular No. 17/2011/TT-BKHCN dated June 30th, 2011 and Circular No. 07/2012/TT-BKHCN dated April 2nd, 2012.

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