blue-check Groups of public employees entitled to extend retirement age from August 15th, 2022

Decree No. 50/2022/NĐ-CP dated August 2nd, 2022 of the Government on retirement at a higher age for public employees in public service providers
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From August 15th, 2022, public employees in public service providers are entitled to retirement age when they belong to these cases:

(i) Public employees holding professor title or associate professor title;

(ii) Public employees holding positions that require a minimum of Doctoral degree or a Level-2 Specialist level;

(iii) Forensic evaluators, forensic psychologist evaluators;

(iv) Public employees with high professional, technical levels in specific fields.

Retirement at a higher age shall occur after no more than 5 years from the date on which public employees are eligible for retirement as prescribed, applicable to all groups of the public employees mentioned above.

As the result, groups of public employees that are eligible to extend their working period to reach the retirement at a higher age are larger than those regulated at the earlier regulations (only public employees that are lecturers, science and technology experts were allowed to extend their working period). However, the duration of extension under the new regulations is shorter than that under the earlier regulations (from 7 -10 years for lecturers, science and technology experts holding professor title, Doctoral degree.

In addition, during the period extended past the normal retirement age, a public employee is only eligible for professional tasks and is prohibited from holding leader or managerial position and is not eligible accrued managerial position allowance.

This Decree takes effect from August 15th, 2022.

To replace Article 9 of Decree No. 141/2013/ND-CPstatus2 dated October 24th, 2013; Article 9 of Decree No. 40/2014/ND-CPstatus2 dated May 12th, 2014.


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Effective Date 15-Aug-2022
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blue-check Groups of public employees entitled to extend retirement age from August 15th, 2022
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