light-check Law on Inspection 2022

Law No. 11/2022/QH15 dated November 14th, 2022 of the National Assembly on Law on Inspection
Posted: 12/12/2022 7:24:11 AM | Latest updated: 30/3/2023 3:33:13 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5599 | Vietlaw: 596

This Law provides for organization, tasks and powers of inspection-conducting authorities (Government Inspectorate, provincial inspectorates, district inspectorates, inspection authorities at special administrative-economic units, etc.) and procedures for conducting an inspection, handling of violations of inspection-conducting persons, etc.

According to Article 86 of this Law, the chief of the inspectorate shall decide stocktaking of the assets of the inspected entity relevant to the contents of inspection in case of detection of any difference between assets recorded in accounting books and actual assets; or detection of signs or abnormalities of legal use or appropriation of assets.

Throughout inspection, the chief of inspectorate shall request the person who issues the decision on inspection or competent person to decide temporary seizure of assets, licenses or practice certificates in case of detection of illegal use of assets, licenses or practice certificates that must be prevented promptly; or to verify circumstances to serve as evidences for conclusion and handling.

This Law comes into force as of July, 01 2023. To replaces Law No. 56/2010/QH12status3 dated November 15th, 2010.

To amend, supplement to some clauses of Article 46 of the Law on handling of administrative violations No. 15/2012/QH13status2 ; Point a Clause 2 Article 160 of the Law on Environmental Protection No. 72/2020/QH14status2 .

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Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 596

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