blue-check Orientations to development of Ho Chi Minh City by 2030

Resolution No. 31-NQ/TW dated December 30th, 2022 of the Politburo of Vietnam on tasks and orientations to development of Ho Chi Minh city by 2030, with visions towards 2045
Posted: 21/2/2023 8:07:18 AM | Latest updated: 28/2/2023 8:21:52 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5651 | Vietlaw: 600

Under this Resolution, by 2030, restructure overall economy of Ho Chi Minh City in association with innovation of growth model according to knowledge economy, application of science - technology, innovation and high labor productivity.

Make planning and model transformation of hi-tech parks, industrial parks and export processing zones towards the development of high technology, creativity, digital economy, green economy, circular economy;

Especially, Ho Chi Minh City will develop knowledge economy, digital technology in service industries including finance, banking, securities, real estate, e-commerce, tourism, culture, sports, education and high-quality healthcare...

Regarding foreign investment attraction, focus on selecting in the manner of the priority which is given to projects with high technology, modern governance with influence and close connection with the domestic economy.


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