blue-check Regarding a 30% reduction in EIT payable in 2020

Official letter No. 77768/CT-TTHT dated August 21st, 2020 of the Department of Taxation of Ha Noi city regarding a 30% reduction in enterprise income tax (EIT) payable in 2020
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According to Article 1 of Resolution No. 116/2020/QH14, enterprises whose total revenue in 2020 is less than VND 200 billion shall be entitled to a 30% reduction in EIT payable in 2020. Enterprises shall themselves determine tax amount to be reduced when they temporarily pay EIT and make EIT accounting at the end of the year.

In addition, according to this Official letter, the 30% reduction in EIT payable in 2020 shall be determined in line with the tax period each enterprise applies, either the Gregorian calendar or fiscal year.

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