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Official letter No. 2499/HQHCM-GSQL dated August 28th, 2020 of the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh city regarding import of used components
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According to Official letter No. 2336/BKHCN-DTG dated August 2nd, 2019, with regard to machinery, equipment which have been provided for in specialized legislative documents of Ministries, if scope of application of such specialized legislative documents also include components, accessories of such machinery, equipment, upon importing such used components, accessories, enterprises shall be exempt from complying with Decision No. 18/2019/QD-TTg.

However, in case legal normative documents do not include components, accessories of such machinery, equipment, upon importing used components, accessories of such machinery, enterprises have to comply with Decision No. 18/2019/QD-TTg.

Documentation, order of and procedures for import of used machinery and equipment shall be carried out according to Article 8 of Decision No. 18/2019/QD-TTg.

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