blue-check Vietnam Social Security will inspect enterprises delaying payment of social insurance for at least 3 months

Official letter No. 3511/BHXH-TST dated November 18th, 2022 of Vietnam Social Security regarding strengthening solutions to reduce late payment of social insurance(SI), health insurance (SI) and unemployment insurance (UI) in the last months of 2022
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According to this Official letter, social insurance agencies will develop solutions to urge the collection of arrears of SI premiums incurred by enterprises in the last months of 2022.

Especially, they will strengthen specialized inspection with regard to enterprises delaying the payments for at least 3 months and resolutely handle administrative violations as prescribed. For enterprises that have been imposed penalties for administrative violations fail to implement or intentionally delay the implementation, they shall be subject to enforcement decisions.

Social insurance agencies also closely coordinate with public security agencies to gather dossiers, documents proving fraudulent and fraudulent factors in late payment of SI premiums of enterprises and transfer the dossiers the investigating agencies to handle.

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